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Leigh Primary School

School Improvement Plan

School Improvement is an ongoing and continuous process. Consequently, this School Improvement Plan Summary is an organic document, outlining goals and current plans. Behind each of the 10 objectives is a plan with milestones to track how we are delivering against them and these will be altered and reviewed as we go through the year. Our whole learning community will continue to be involved in this process through consultation, helping to build capacity for further improvement.

The document was written in consultation with the governing body and staff of the school. It sets out how we aim not only to maintain performance but also to raise overall school standards, individual pupil achievement and to place every child at the heart of every decision we take.

We are extremely fortunate to have a staff and governing body that are so passionate about school improvement. Our strength comes from a relentless focus on providing high quality learning and teaching experiences, within a culture of continuous improvement.